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is the third largest city in Ecuador, capital of the Azuay province. It is located in the Sierra, the highlands of Ecuador at about 2500m (8200 ft) above sea level. Its full name is Santa Ana de Ríos de Cuenca.
Cuenca - Cathedral

Its foundation is dated in 1557 by the Spanish explorer Gil Ramirez Davalos. The foundation of the city was comisioned by Andres Hurtado de Mendoza, at that time ruler of the Viceroyalty of Peru, who was a native of Cuenca, Spain. Cuenca achieved its independence November 3 of 1820. However, the history of the site goes back further to the native Cañari village of Guapondelig ("land as big as heaven", 500 AD). It was later conquered by the Incas and called Tomebamba.  

Cuenca - Ingapirca – Incasic ruins close to Cuenca

The actual population is around 400,000 people. The economic development is based on industry and agricultural development. Cuenca has a long lasting reputation for being a university city. It hosts 8 universities. The oldest and best known one being University of Cuenca (Universidad de Cuenca) a public university with about 12,000 students.

Well known villages in Cuenca, Ecuador include Checa, Ochoa Leon, and El Verde. It has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is on the route of the Pan-American Highway.

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